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spray love all over the universe !

Sorry, this is a sideblog ( also quite dead blog :I )

2 years ago on 29 July 2012 @ 7:02am
you have to witness the overpowering angst between these two (mostly as cherik) from this youtube video: "Cherik: A Home for Your Memories" by BorisTheBelligerent. Beware! Manly creyes shall ensue! And send some hugs and kisses for boris, who deserves all the hugs and kisses of the mcbender/cherik ship for making such a heartbreaking and tear-inducing vid! =D great blog, but you already know that =D

Thank you thank you! I will look that video and all my followers should watch it too!

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ยป No, we were rather hoping you would.. take us all the way.

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One word to describe your blog: "Perfection!" :D <3

Thank you! There is no other words to describe these two!

2 years ago on 14 November 2011 @ 6:16am 1 note
may the god of slash bless this blog oh my god aopdsj

Awww. Thank you! Also I’m sorry this blog has been so inactive later.

2 years ago on 13 November 2011 @ 5:37am